Dakota Heartstrings
My North Dakota Diary
Burleigh County
'Burleigh County is called The Keystone County of the Missouri Slope. It was named in honor of Walter A. Burleigh, Indian agent and trader, delegate to Congress and contractor for the building of fifty miles of the Northern Pacific Railroad, east from Bismarck. The railroad traverses the county from east to west, entering Morton county over one of the finest arch bridges in the world, built over the Missouri river at Bismarck. The chief industry of the county is agriculture. Bismarck, the county seat, is also the capitol of the state, a handsome city of over 16,000 inhabitants. Bismarck is a thoroughly modern city, with miles of paved streets, electric lights, gas, water, and sewer systems, and other modern facilities. Here is located the state capitol building where are contained the offices of the state officials. The building occupies a commanding position north of the city. The Governor resides inthe Executive Mansion, located on one of the principle residence streets of the city. The state penitentiary is located at Bismarck.' Source: North Dakota Blue Book -- 1942
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