Dakota Heartstrings
My North Dakota Diary
Sargent County
'Sargent County was named in honor of Gen. H. E. Sargent, at that time superintendent of the Northern Pacific Railroad, deeply interested and active in promoting the welfare of the new county which was created by legislative act, March 3, 1883. It was formed out of parts of Ransom county and the Sisseton adn Wahpeton Indian reservations. The county is second in the southern tier of counties from eastern boundary of the state. The firs settler in the county is said to have been John Langies, a half-breed Indian, who located in Tewaukon township in May, 1873. The first white settler was E. D. Post, who settled in Herman township in June 1879. Forman is the county seat, located in the geographical center of the county.' Source: North Dakota Blue Book -- 1942